Superannuation division in Australia between Separated Couples

Splitting house and assets during super and property settlement

Superannuation division in Australia is becoming far more common for separating couples, both married and de facto.   Why?   Because compulsory employer contributions to super commenced in 1992 and both males and females in the workforce have built up much larger superannuation balances which are treated as an asset upon separation.   This article […]

Does My Spouse Get Half My Super In A Property Settlement

Does my spouse get half my super in a property settlement

When parties separate, whether married or in a de facto relationship, navigating the complex terrain of property settlement can seem a little overwhelming, that is why we often get asked the question of “does my spouse get half my super in a property settlement?”   In Australia, not only are assets such as the family […]

Geoff Ebert Recognised as Lawyers Weekly 2023 Law Awards Finalist

The last 12 months have been exceptionally busy for Your Online Legal Group co-founder and principal solicitor Geoff Ebert. Being named as a finalist in the Australian Law Awards Regional/Suburban Solicitor of the Year reflects  the effort involved in pioneering a new way and launching what has become Australia’s largest divorce provider bringing together the past […]