Honoured to be a Lawyers Weekly Women in Law Award Finalist

In 2022, Danielle Galvin, a Senior Associate, was a finalist for Lawyers Weekly Senior Associate of the Year. She advised and represented hundreds of clients in over 350 remote divorce applications, while also acting as the practice’s IT/web guru.

Is my spouse entitled to half my Super?

How do we calculate super during a property settlement.

At Your SuperSplit (YSS), 3 common questions, we are asked in relation to superannuation, or super as it is more commonly called. We will answer these 3 questions and provide more important information about superannuation and property division generally.

How Superannuation is Split in a Divorce

Super splitting assets

Our story starts with you! When you are a couple who has separated, and wants to move forward with your lives, dividing your property, particularly superannuation, should be simple and straightforward. On many occasions, this is not the case and how superannuation, or super, is split or divided can often be the biggest hurdle to overcome.