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If you have a general query about superannuation splitting then you can contact us by email at or telephone on 1300 531 137. There is no cost to make this enquiry.

The Team at Your SuperSplit are very experienced in assisting people dividing their superannuation. We have years of experience in dealing with superannuation funds to ensure that the superannuation split documentation is accurately completed and the funds divided between each party in a quick, accurate and friendly manner.

There is not a great deal of documentation required. We will request from you a statement from the superannuation fund so that we can correctly identify the fund name and relevant account details and we will also ask you to supply photographic evidence of your identity (which is required for Law Society legal purposes). Once we have these documents we are able to proceed to commence drafting the Court Orders.

The answer to this question is yes. Our role in the superannuation division process is to document your agreement in a binding form and arrange that the superannuation be divided into each party’s appropriate superannuation accounts. Our service does not extend to negotiating the amount or whether the division of superannuation or other property between you is fair or reasonable.

There are, in practical terms, four stages in undertaking a superannuation split which in brief are obtaining details of the superannuation split and preparing the Consent Order documentation, arranging signing by the parties, obtaining consent of the superannuation trustee that the Orders prepared are in the correct form, lodging the signed Orders with the Court and obtaining the sealed Orders in return and finally serving the Orders on the superannuation fund to allow the superannuation split to occur. If the Orders are agreed and signed by the parties fairly promptly, in our experience obtaining the necessary consents and sealing of the Court, will take about 8-10 weeks all up from when a completed application is received.

The Team at Your SuperSplit provide three levels of service. This varies from assisting and preparing the Court Order documentation to undertaking the entire process from beginning to end. Full details of our costs and what services are provided are on our Home Page in the What Are Your Fees section. Our costs in providing our service vary from $895.00 to $1395.00.

The answer is No. Where parties have agreed to divide their superannuation the Court documents that we prepare are lodged by us with the Court and then processed “in house” by the Court. The Orders are then returned to us for further processing. No Court attendance is required by you.

We at Your SuperSplit try to make the costs very upfront and transparent. As noted in one of our earlier questions, there is the Court filing fee and potentially a cost for the superannuation fund to divide the superannuation. Apart from our fee which we will quote at the beginning of the arrangement, there are NO other costs.

It is important that prior agreement is reached with your former spouse as to dividing super prior to commencing to use our service; otherwise the paperwork we prepare may not be able to be used. If your spouse changes their mind part of the way through, then we will need to charge a partial fee for the work we have conducted to-date. It would be unlikely that a full refund would be available.

There is a time limit of one year after your divorce has been completed for the parties to divide their property including superannuation. In some limited circumstances an application can be made with permission of the Court even later. If you wish to make a division of superannuation within one year after the divorce is made (both you and your spouse will need to ‘consent’ to this occurring), or indeed, within two years after separation if you are a defacto couple, then there will be no issues with using our service. If you are wanting to divide super after these time limits then you should contact us by email at to provide us with an outline of your individual circumstances and we will contact you at no financial cost to discuss same

Our service assists in how superannuation is divided in the most common way superannuation is held (in an Accumulation Fund which is still growing). There are some Funds including those where the funds are in the payment phase (i.e being drawn down in retirement) where more specific advice is needed. Once again, contact us by email at to describe your query in these circumstances.

The simplest method to commence your application is to click on the Get Started or Start Your Application buttons on our Home Page. You will then be directed to a simple intuitive questionnaire where you will select which level of service you wish to use and complete the questionnaire to get the process underway. We will then be in touch with you within 2 business days of lodgement to advance the matter.

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